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Music shapes Europe
Číslo projektu:2017-1-FR01-KA219-037155_5
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
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Sumár projektu: Our project titled „MUSIC SHAPES EUROPE“ will involve 70 creative and talented students and 20 Music, IT and foreign language teachers from five different cultural and geographical regions of Europe, i.e. French school from the West, Slovak school from the East, Danish school from the North and Italian and Spanish schools from the South. During a two-year period, 13-15-year-old students will familiarize themselves with the language and the heritage of local and their partners’ folk music, through a project website and a language teaching method they will create. They will have the chance to rehearse and perform in concerts authentic folk music internationally in three learning activities in Spain, Denmark and Italy and will release a final product, a CD, with at least 20 authentic pieces of music. To achieve project results, over the first year, students will work in groups to create a teaching method of their mother tongue. Meanwhile, they will choose 4 types olk songs, discuss them, analyze, write articles and upload scores on the website, as well as make audio and video records, and will upload their materials on the created project website. Then students will learn their authentic national and partners’ folk songs. Students’ profiles, the language teaching methods as well as video clips will complement the website. At the end of this first year, Spain will welcome their partners and together they will work on the three Latin languages of the project and perform live concert of their authentic folk songs. The second year’s work will keep learning their partners' languages and songs. Thus, the teaching activity will be held in the Danish partners’ school, where students will familiarize themselves with Danish and Slovak languages with workshops on both languages. CLIL will be used in the process. Europass documents will be used to recognize its outcomes. The second year local activities will involve similar work to the first year’s activities. A final concert will be held at the end of the second year in Italy, where students will sing the 20 songs together, and where the songs will be recorded to make a CD. We, the teachers of the project, believe that trans-nationally carried out work will have a great many impacts on all its participants, locally as well as internationally, especially on students and teachers, stimulating their creativity, self-confidence, teaching tolerance, encouraging openness to the world by discovering different European countries through a common theme of music. And finally, the most important, love for music expressed through common work of children from five different European countries will establish sustainable traditions of enjoying making music together.
Koordinátor:Cirkevna zakladna skola sv. Gorazda