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Promoting Art
Číslo projektu:2017-1-PL01-KA219-038319_2
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:0 €
Sumár projektu:Promoting Art is a collaborative partnership project, developed by six European schools- either art or intrested in this topic. Our main aim in this project is to intersect school communities and local communities in art activities like workshops, art festivals, exhibitions and promote the value of artistic education. Teachers and students from 6 different countries (Poland, Estonia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Portugal and Latvia) will share cultures, traditions, skills and knowledge having art as a common language. A strong effort will be taken, by all partners involved, not only to share this experience among each other, but also with local communities. We believe that art is not only one of the main topic of our students’ studies, art is also integral in our culture and vital in daily life, because it provides us with a deeper understanding of emotions, self-awareness, it brings colour and beauty. Art and culture offer a different kind of nourishment that feeds our soul and broadens our thoughts. Therefore, with this project we wish to promote art and artistic education to everyone- students, teachers, school children, local communities and residents of our towns. Each partner country is responsible for gathering a set of national and/or local traditions, in some kind of art expression, and share it with the partner countries during their visits. Foreign students and teachers will meet new cultures and traditions, but also learn and experiment new artistic technics. During the meetings, visiting participants will get to know the local art, culture and language, which will all widen thinking and their understanding of the world. After each meeting, participants will disseminate the project, introduce it in their own countries, share the experiences and knowledge with their local communities. Students will become teachers and develop art workshops for primary school students; students will prepare international exhibitions and invite parents, local authorities and local communities to visit their works. We hope to bring to this projects not only our school communities, but also other people (children, elderly), who would like to experiment with us and experience art. Our project will also improve our students’ artistic skills and contribute for their future careers. A real artist knows history of art as well as different artistic techniques of modern and ancient times. An artist must be skilled - he must have ideas about different cultures and traditions, and this partnership projects are the best way to contact closely with a different culture and way of seeing the world. They must be ready to experiment, to try something new. They need to know how to promote their work, in order to earn a living. Apart from it, artists need to know languages to be able to sell their work worldwide, as well as to be literate in modern technologies, as they are the symbols of our times and the future. We aim at promoting art also on the Internet, via our project website and dissemination of project activities, by writing newspaper articles and posters informing a broader public about events like art festivals. So, we hope to reach the number of 1000 people, as the minimal number of direct and indirect beneficiaries of our project. By developing this partnership, our schools will involve a minimum of 70 students and 40 teachers. Together we will develop : greater understanding and responsiveness to social, linguistic and cultural diversity, develop team work capabilities, creativity and self-assurance, increase motivation and interest in foreign art and artistic works or career; enhance the commitment of local and regional public authorities in the qualitative development of the artistic education and promotion of artistic events; increase our experience in artistic and European Cultural Diversity acquired by the people involved by partner institutions and other relevant stakeholders after 2 years of the project. Our experience in partnership projects allows us to know that our students and we teachers improve and develop several skills while working as a network and that we are helping to build a better world.
Koordinátor:Stredna umelecka skola Ladislava Bielika, Vajanskeho 23, Levice