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NTC for ALL - All I really need to know I learned in a kindergarten
Číslo projektu:2017-1-SK01-KA201-035382
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:160140 €
Sumár projektu:Experts confirm that the first 7 years of childhood are the most key for development of competences, and overall personality development. Therefore, the learning process in the early childhood should be supported through variety of impulses. The pre-schools support child development in the social, emotional, intellectual, physical, moral, and aesthetic aspects, while supporting skills and setting up the bases for further education. The variety of impulses in pre-school and first grades of primary school is key for the development of child’ cognitive abilities. In Serbia, neurologist Dr. Ranko Rajovic, founded Nicola Tesla Centre (NTC), using the approach of supporting child´ cognitive abilities, through variety of physiological impulses provided in early childhood, emphasising the relation between the number and variety of impulses and the development of cognitive abilities. According to Dr. Rajovic, functional thinking supports higher number of synapses of brain cells and improvement of child´ intellectual abilities. Child´ mental capacity increases. Unlike traditional approach of facts repetition, functional thinking, which NTC uses, supports the ability to understand and use acquired knowledge in problem solving of new situations. NTC educational approach supports: - Development of child´ cognitive abilities - Prevention of concentration disabilities and the of lack of attention ability - Development of coordination, motion and motorics - Development of fast thinking and argumentation (functional thinking) - Increase of the neurological synapses and also increase of the brain capacity - Each child can benefit from NTC, and, additionally it also supports intellectually gifted children while further developing their talents - Increase of language and communication skills - A keenness to participate — motivation and concentration of children With support of UNICEF, NTC approach has been successfully applied in 17 countries of the world. As one of few approaches, it is based on medical knowledge transformed into modern pedagogy. For better understanding of NTC methodology, please see abstract of Dr. Ranko Rajovic lecture: In Europe, NTC methodology is guaranteed by MENSA – the high IQ international society. FANTAO SK, project applicant, applies the NTC approach in Slovakia. During the long-term cooperation with Dr. Rajovic, series of public presentations, lectures and workshops on NTC methodology were implemented. In cooperation with Strom zivota (NGO), there was a publication “IQ of children – responsibility of parents” issued. However, apart from lectures and workshops, there is no complex training programme available to cover this topic and support teachers´ skills in NTC practical implementation. The situation with implementation of this NTC approach is similar in all other partner countries: there are efforts of partners from Serbia, Slovenia and Czech Republic, involved in proposed project, in implementing NTC in pre-schools, however, the lack of complex NTC educational programme and missing support materials is a common problem. Therefore, project reacts to concrete needs of project partners from SK, CZ, SI and RS of developing new, complex teacher`s training programme, based on NTC methodology, with the aim to support functional thinking and „Sustainable increase of intellectual abilities and skills of pre–school children”. Also, project reacts to interest of SK pre-school teachers in NTC approach, confirmed through online research, carried out in February 2017, with 186 teachers interested. Project should be carried out transnationally in order to use expertise of Serbian partner, most experienced in NTC approach, as well as experience of two Montessori pre-schools (Slovenia and Czech Republic), representing direct target group, while combining it with FANTAO and INAK, to hit common need and developing basis for NTC based teacher training programme, benefiting as many children aged 3 – 7 as possible, in all mentioned countries. Project is addressing educational sector of ECEC and complies with specific SECTORAL PRIORITIES, e.g. Supporting efforts to increase access to affordable and high quality early childhood education and care (ECEC), through: developing project outputs enhancing implementation of NTC approach in pre–school environment and professionalizing the use of this teaching approach in all project countries (SK, CZ, SI, RS), through O1/ Handbook for teacher with standards for NTC methodology, O2/ Inspirations for educational NTC concrete activities, O3/ Training programme about NTC methodology, with the aim to increase knowledge of target groups on above topics and supporting practical skills of implementing this knowledge in practice. NTC approach implemented from early childhood ensures the benefits of early childhood education are carried through to other school education levels and throughout the life.
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