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Tracking the Common Heritage Steps
Číslo projektu:2018-1-CZ01-KA229-048106_2
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:68048 €
Sumár projektu:Our project "Tracking the common heritage steps" will last for 2 years and there will be three partners - Czech, Slovak and Croatian schools. Czech school will be a coordinator, the other two will be partners. The project is dealing with 3 topics - cultural and historical heritage, foreign languages - especially English and natural surrounding. For each topic there are several objectives and outcomes to be prepared and created. The topic of cultural and historical heritage should focus on architectular dominants from the turn of 19th and 20th century and the first half of 20th century. Dealing with this topic we want to strengthen the ties between the partner cities and improve the pupils´ competencies to be responsible for sharing the cultural and historical heritage on European level. The coordinator is responsible for this topic and serves as the host school for the first two training activities. The next topic is the topic of foreign languages. The guarantee of this theme is the Slovak partner from Kremnica and serves as a host school for the third training activity. Concerning this topic we want to improve pupils´ English language skills and communicative skills in practice, further we will focus on broadening the English vocabulary concerning the project topics: culture, history and nature. The third topic is the natural surrounding. Guarantee of this theme is Croatian partner from Končanica and will serve as a host institution of the fourth training activity. Defining this topic we want to improve the pupils´ abilities to cooperate and communicate and maily improve their competencies to be responsible for sharing their natural heritage. In this project we are going to involve quite wide range of pupils and teachers. All three partner schools agreed on the cooperation of the pupils of age 11-13 (Year 5 and 6). Involved pupils will be selected at the very beginning of the project period and will be involved in all project activities during the 2-years-project. We plan to involve highly motivated pupils with good English communication skills. The groups of 7 pupils will take part at training activities C1 - C3. They will work in mixed international groups and will have to carry out all the project activities planned for each training activity. As far as the teachers are concerned, there are already prepared school teams of teachers. These people are responsible for seamless fullfilment of project tasks. Moreover, there will be lot of teachers participating as tutors of pupils - ready to help with all the project tasks - class teachers, other teachers teaching history, geography, art, science, English etc. For each training activity C1 - C3 there are 3 participating teachers and 2 participating teachers for C4. We also would like to cooperate with local organizations - namely with the Local Information Centres and the Club of Natives (in the partner town Nový Jičín). Altogether there will be 4 Learning Teaching Training activities: 1) C4 - Project Management Tasks and ECVET Implementation - dealing with risk analysis, manual for handling risks and mitigation plan, effective methods of virtual communication, ECVET certification and dissemination activities. 2) C1 - Culture and History - starting with the virtual cooperation amoung pupils (carrying out a questionnaire prepared by pupils themselves), followed by excursion around Nový Jičín with expert lecturer from the Club of Natives, making a video guide of Nový Jičín and its historical dominants. 3) C2 - Understanding Each Other - starting with the virtual cooperation amoung pupils (fulfilling the tasks to find detailed information about the origin of partners´ home towns and formulate them as a story), followed by reading and compiling the stories and translating them into English, followed by creating a game of quartett (dealing the project topics - culture, history, nature...) 4) C3 - Natural surrounding - starting with the virtual cooperation (preparing the tasks about the flora around home towns), followed by presentation of taken photos and describing the flora, excursion around Končanica and Daruvar with expert teacher, finally creating a herbarium with samples of flora, their photos and depictions. Training activities C1 - C3 will be evaluated by the supervising teachers and rewarded with small gifts. As a result there will be an ECVET certificate for each participanting pupil. All the participating schools and their staff will get key project management competencies (especially for the future partnerships) and will develop smart management and implementation methodology. Furthermore, the project outputs which will be created during this project will be used directly in the lessons of art, history, science and foreign languages even after the end of the project. In this project we are joining the ECVET users community to compare the project results with the project intention and to improve quality of learning outcomes.
Koordinátor:Zakladna skola, Angyalova ulica 401/26, Kremnica