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Freedom - commonplace or privilege? Life without freedom - different places, different people, different periods
Číslo projektu:2018-1-CZ01-KA229-048155_3
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:94064 €
Sumár projektu:The main project objective is the achievement of pupils´ realization of importance of freedom, they will become aware of the fact that freedom is not a widespread natural right and they will recognize how far the freedom oppression can go.The topic of freedom is a hot issue recently, because we can see more and more different displays of intolerance, hatred and violence. Ignoring these issues can result in oppression of basic human rights and in limiting freedom. The pupils will get to know various places, meet new people and recognize different forms of human rights oppression during different historical times via experiencing the planned activities. The project title itself is based on the above mentioned idea - FREEDOM - NATURAL RIGHT OR PRIVILEGE? LIFE WITHOUT FREEDOM - DIFFERENT PLACES, DIFFERENT PEOPLE, DIFFERENT TIMES. We see the importance of this project in gaining new knowledge about own country´s history and about neighbouring EU countries by pupils. Getting to know different cultures and different environment while participating in the project will help pupils to better understand different customs, traditions, their tolerance of different opinions, different religions or different ideologies will increase. Project activities for individual events, mobilities, are planned in such a way as to bring the highest benefits to pupils and teachers. There are four partner schools participating in the project. The project is intended for pupils 16-20 years old attending academic and vocational courses and for teachers of these schools. Two Short-term joint staff training events for 12teachers are going to take place. Four Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils are going to take place with 24pupils. Every time the exchange will take place in a different country, every school will try out the role of the host. Every exchange is focused on a specific historical period, on a certain historical event. Pupils will gain new knowledge while working at their school between events, mobilities, with formerly prepared worksheets, they are looking for information about a given topic. During exchanges of pupils, which are going to take place in individual partner schools, pupils are going to gain additional information through e.g. excursions, specific lectures, presentations and dialogues. All activities put stress on a personal experience, an awakening of emotions, on processing of own feelings. Pupils will process their experiences creatively into partial outcomes which will be presented to an audience at the end of each exchange. Life stories of common people influenced by certain historical events will be at the centre of attention. Based on personal experiences from different places, on meetings with different people and based on the acquired information about various life stories during individual activities and during the preparation phase the pupils are going to create artworks by their chosen method. Activities are planned in such a way as to create a complex set of goals leading towards the expected results, outcomes and project objectives. Pupils are expressing their personal experiences by means of artistic creations which are going to be presented at the end of the exchange. Thanks to participation in project activities another objective is reached, skills and key competencies of pupils are increased (competence for learning, problem solving, communication, personal and social competencies, competence for work placement). Through participation in project pupils will gain better self-confidence, they will be encouraged to be more independent, they will experience feeling of success, will be motivated towards continuing education. Thanks to an active use of the English language they will break through a language barrier, will get better in using English. Pupils will form new international friendships which can continue after the project will be finished. Short-term joint staff trainings are planned for the beginning phase of project and topics are chosen accordingly to expected outcomes of project activities. Trainings are focused on an improvement of ICT competencies of teachers. Knowledge gained at seminars will be used for realization of individual project activities and also when teaching classes at their schools. Professional and personal skills of teachers will improve. After this project is finished further cooperation among all participants is expected. The project will increase knowledge and language skills of pupils and teachers and will strengthen the awareness of belonging to the European community. The project realization is in accordance with long-term goals of participating schools, meaning reaching of certain level of key competencies corresponding with individual abilities and personal characteristics of individual pupils. Realization of this project is an appropriate tool for development of pupil´s creativity, for pupil motivation towards self-development and towards critical thinking.
Koordinátor:Stredna odborna skola, Namestie SNP 5, Partizanske