„Building Partnerships for a Learner-Centred Approach”

Bratislava, October 2 – 4, 2019

Building Partnerships for a Learner-Centred Approach

Bratislava, October 2 – 4, 2019

In the traditional approach to teaching, most class time is spent with the teacher lecturing and the students passively watching and listening. The students work individually on assignments, and cooperation is not encouraged. Learner-centred teaching methods shift the focus of activity from the teacher to the learners.

Learner-centred approach is targeted on the learners and their development rather than on the transmission of content. It addresses the balance of power in teaching and learning, moves towards learners actively constructing their own knowledge, and puts the responsibility for learning on the learners.

The contact seminar on Building Partnerships for a Learner-Centred Approach is hosted by SAAIC - the Slovak Erasmus+ National Agency and its main aim is to promote networking among organizations that plan to prepare new Strategic Partnership projects in the school sector and/or cross-sectoral school/higher education partnerships (KA201, KA229, KA203) focused on learner-centred teaching and learning.

Goals of the contact seminar will be the following:

  1. exchange of good practice in initial and in-service teacher training for the development of teachers' competences necessary for schools and universities in Europe of today;
  2. presentation of innovative methodologies and ways of teaching with a focus on learner-centred teaching and learning;
  3. planning of new projects.

The capacity of the seminar is 60 participants – up to 3 from each country. The seminar is open to participants within the field of school and higher education . The contact seminar is mainly targeted at primary and secondary school teachers, staff of higher education institutions or any other organizations providing teacher training programmes, interested in the concept of learner-centred teaching and learning. The language of the event is English.

SAAIC as a hosting NA will cover the hosting costs (accommodation for 2 nights, catering, conference materials and speaker fees). Participants will cover their travel expenses to the venue from their TCA grants.