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Traditions and customs - promoters of interculturality in the 21st century
Číslo projektu:2018-1-RO01-KA229-049543_5
Popis projektu:na stránke Európskej komisie
Grant:145690 €
Sumár projektu:The approximation of the different countries in the EU would not be posible without considering the key cultural aspects of each of the nationalities in the community. Moreover, in a multicultural society as ours, mutual understanding and respect to the different languages and cultures is necessary to promote pacific coexistence that encourages the development of European awareness. We want to promote cooperation among all educative agents (teachers, students and families), create cultural awareness (considering cultural manifestation such as art, traditional music, gastronomy, languag) and improve communicative competences. We want to popularize cultural customs of our countries, diversity and acquaint our pupils with similarities and differences between European countries. By doing this we hope to meet many wonderful people, to become friends with them, explore breathtaking landscapes and broaden our knowledge and our horizons. We will do it through the personal experience of the cultural manifestation of different countries, we will get to know them and break stereotypes around them. The information we receive about our partner’s culture will be the starting point to develop the project from different areas in the school (arts and crafts, music, social sciences and foreign languages) To work on that, each country will transmit different aspects about their culture to their partners. While performing the tasks of the project the subjects will be involved in the following way: Art and Drawing lessons: design the logo contest and paintings/drawings , creating and updating the Erasmus+ corner , the school calendar and a seminar. Literature Department: writing poems, compositions, stories, sayings . English language will be used for communication and the different documents that need to be translated . Music- we will make a DVD containing dances and songs specific to each country ICT will be used for improving communication among partners from al countries and for realizing different tasks, power point presentations, text editing. Gastronomy- we will create a cookery book with recipes with traditional food from each country. We will learn about culture and tradition of these countries, about the most important festivals and events celebrated in each country. Students of different ages will take part in the project through most of the different subjects they study. They will have to perform different tasks such as : Power Point Presentations, writing poems , compositions, taking interviews , investigations, drama plays, drawings, films. Local artists, parents and people from local community will help us during realization of the project. This project gives learners and teachers opportunity to work together and share mutual interests and develop mutual understanding. We are 5 schools: Romania, Spain, Slovakia, Poland and Lithuania and we have planned to hold five Learning, Teaching and Training activities in each school, short-term exchanges of groups of pupils. During these activities the pupils and the teachers accompanying them will have the opportunity to exchange ideas regarding the achievement of the project's objectives. These activities will enable them to work together in multinational and multidisciplinary groups and so they will benefit from special learning and teaching conditions not available in a single institution thus gaining new perspectives. We will observe the progress of our project in terms of the objectives in our school and the partner schools in order to enable evaluation by the teachers of how their understanding as increased. After each activity, the partner schools will present a report about deployment and results of their own activities. Then, they will make a portfolio of the activity and questionnaires which could be shown to all the other partners. The participants in the project will develop their creativity and imagination , broaden their horizons, they will find out new things about partners’ cultures and countries, improve their knowledge to how to use the Internet and information technology to achieve different tasks and to communicate, be better motivated to learn ,improve their English, they will learn few words in the languages of the partners, be aware of the intercultural dimension of education through the initiation of a correspondence on the Internet with students from other countries but also through the short-term exchanges some of them will take part in, learn how to work in team and support each other, llearn how to act as guides and hosts in their schools,change their attitude to other cultures, they will become more open-minded, will meet different European people and discover cultural differences,arrive at a deeper understanding of what it means to be EU citizens. All the common products, the videos, the Power Point presentations, the DVDs, etc. can be used as teaching means for both curricular and extracurricular activities.
Koordinátor:Základná skola s materskou skolou Józsefa Kármána s vyucovacím jazykom madarským Lucenec Kármán József Alapiskola és Óvoda Lucenec